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remember when doctor who didn’t have as big of a budget so they had to rely on plot

More like headshots tbh



next time you see two people arguing on this website and you want them to stop post this photo: 


followed by “are you fighting?”

And if they are…

Anonymous asked
Five words. Open. World. Three. Kingdoms. Game.


That could really go either way. It could be really fun to run around at some point in the Three Kingdoms and do as I please, but that could easily go very, very badly.

(Not anon, but attention caught XD)

It could easily go completely balls-up if they tried to stick close to the plot of the novel, but if they went into it with the same spirit of Empires, there could be potential there. I have nothing else to do except feel sick and moody today while I get ready for unfun tomorrow so now I shall throw ideas out like confetti.

You’d need a few different ‘endgame’ setups to aim for that can be influenced by player actions, a bit like DA:O. Definitely the ‘default’ endgame of Jin conquering Shu and Wu, one where the Wei line never fell (probably involving a victory at Chibi), a Shu victory, a Wu victory, and probably some potential Yuan Shu and/or Shao, Yellow Turbans, Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu-ruled endgames as well.

Which endgame you get could be altered by your actions. There’d definitely have to be some kind of ingame clock for it; if you just wander around doing whatever, the ‘default’ path would pretty much happen on its own, but by getting yourself into the right places at the right times would let you change things (and reward people who know both novel and history). You could keep officers alive past their official deaths, change the flow of battles with intel, or even assassinate characters you don’t like. (Zhuge Liang, Zhang Fei, lookin’ at you.)

You could make officers like you or hate you by working with or against them on numerous occasions, serve a lord loyally or change your allegiances at the drop of a hat, and this would affect your reputation, which would in turn affect how much people were willing to trust you. You could end up a pariah or even supercede one of the canon lords to command a faction. You could study tactics and become a strategist, or work on your battle skills to become a masterful soldier, or even study medicine and become a physician.

Considering the sheer length of time, there’d probably be a generational mechanic at play. Reputation and skills could be passed down somewhat,  depending on who you married and what you achieved in a lifetime. Naturally you can pick your gender with each generation, which would have its own effects on reputation and the like. The Record of Agarest War games and some editions of the Legend of the Five Rings rpg both have decent ideas that could be used to further a solid inheritance system.

I don’t see Koei being capable of actually making this game, but damn it would be cool if they could and did.


“I think Henry is, oddly enough, Robin’s best husband. In some of her supports with other characters (i.e. Ricken), she shows a side of her that is rather obsessed with fighting and dismemberment, which is similar to Henry’s love of war and blood. Plus, Morgan looks and acts eerily similar to Henry.”


I think Henry is, oddly enough, Robin’s best husband. In some of her supports with other characters (i.e. Ricken), she shows a side of her that is rather obsessed with fighting and dismemberment, which is similar to Henry’s love of war and blood. Plus, Morgan looks and acts eerily similar to Henry.”


Henry is a precious and powerful being that must be protected and loved at all costs.

Everyone knows him as that wacky and cheerful dark Mage that laughs at his own crow puns.
But guys, his default set of expression is a smile and turning everything into a fucking joke because his life fucking sucked. His parents didn’t really love him so they tried to get rid of him by sending him to “an elite magic school”(in the Japanese version it’s an orphanage), where he was abused and learned to use magic to harm others and ultimately to protect himself. He ran away and tried to come back home, but his parent ran him off and tried to lose him in the forest. He was basically raised by animals.

He is known famously as a fierce and powerful dark Mage, protected by cross and a vast magical power he claim stems from his “pure heart”. His true personality being VERY passionate, welling to destroy Chrom and his entire army if it would please Tharja and bring suffering to mankind for Panne’s fallen race.

If he doesn’t get married by the end of fire emblem, he makes “a clean cut with history, never to stain its pages again”. The poor baby fucking kills himself; I fucking cried when I found out.
BUT if he does get married, he becomes a “surprisingly” great father. Which came be shown in his support logs with all his potential children. You can see all the love and support he has for his baby/ies. (And so how he bounds with lil Mage Ricken).





True Fact: The Doctor is afraid of using Ouija boards because whenever he tries one, Adric contacts him from the afterlife and it freaks him the fuck out.

D̶̩͙̲̼͎̺ ̬̝O͕͚̼̮͉ ͍̭C͇̹̬̼̩ ̷̦͕͖̣T̙ ̣̣͓̜͟O̰̹ ̩̤̦̀R̞̜̪ ̩̺̭͖͕͞.҉͇̰.͙̮̗̠̰͎̟. ̦̙̭̺W̨͙͈ ̼̹͘A͏̻ ͇̪͞S̯̰̲ ҉̯͓̤͚͍̫̝ ̥̪̯̀I̫̮̤ ̣ ̵̰͉̦ ̱R̖͖ ̲̳̻͝I͖ ̷̝G̥̖͙ ̖̮̭H̰͙̹̝̮ ̫̻̬̪̝̮̘T͙͚ ?̟̟̩̺͕̼?̫̠̝̣̙̟͟?͏̤̟̻̩̪?͇?̶͉̞̦̪̳̣̮?͎̰̭̺?̡̗̝?̰̘̩͉̲̱?̡͙??̯͍͠??̯̞̞?̪͈͇?̜͕̰̲̹̳͎??̴̱̲͚͙̪̤?̲̬̮̯̰̳̞͜??̷̯


I am an awful person for laughing at this XD

Oh and now I’ve got this mental image of Adric in the afterlife being surrounded by like a kazillion dead Silurians who are all like ‘what just happened?’ and he tells them there was a spaceship that crashed into their planet and he was on the spaceship trying to stop it but he couldn’t and died instead and gets all D: faced and wibbly expecting to be hated for failing.

But instead someone hugs him and he’s told he was seriously brave and they appreciate that he tried, even if he didn’t succeed, and that there have been adult warriors who died showing less courage than he did.

And after that he just sort of hangs around the Silurian bit of Heaven which is all gorgeous jungly forests and marshes kind of like Alzarius a little, and learns stuff from their scientists and mathematicians, and becomes best friends and then boyfriends with this adorkable guy his own age who was studying to be a biologist when the meteor hit and is just as much of a troublemaker and prodigy as he is himself. And sometimes they go back to the world of the living to be ghosts haunting places and trolling the hell out of people, including the Doctor who is SO FREAKED OUT because Time Lords never had the slightest idea about the afterlife and he has no idea what to make of the mysterious messages coming through ouija boards or the psychic paper or written in the fog on his bathroom mirror. So he totally loses it every time and all the while Adric and his dorky dino-boyfriend (Micha he is called Micha I have decided it) are leaning on each other and laughing their mischievous little heads off.



Crisis in my pants


I’m reading this Doctor Who Choose Your Own Adventure book featuring the Sixth Doctor, Peri and Turlough AND I AM SO DONE WITH THIS BOOK AND ALL ITS AWFUL PUNS





Then here I am, crying impetuously and making more puns:




And it just goes on like this. 


I have no words.

But then again, what did I expect from a book with a cover like this: 


I own this book and not only can I categorically state these are all real, they’re just the mildest sample of puns, silliness and utter stupid.

This book is a beautiful gift to fandom.